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Welcome to wellmann kitchens
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Wellmann Kitchens offers top quality cabinetry
made in Germany especially for the U.S.
Synthetic, lacquer, wood and glass doors are available.
Wellmann kitchens are designed with function in mind.
Instead of  blind corners, the functional corner carousels,
magic corners, and  self-closing drawers which glide as
smoothly as silk are the hallmarks of our products.

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A choice of specially designed
drawer inserts to organize
silverware, cooking utensils
and all the other items which
belong in the kitchen greatly
enhance the ability to optimally
organize the kitchen, thus
enabling you to easily find
cooking utensils, pots and pans,
to prepare food and clean up
in an organized way.


Kitchen Design
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The large selection of door styles, not only in
different  shades, but also in different materials
such as glass and lacquer colors, allows designers
to realize their full creativity in developing
one-of-a-kind kitchens of exceptional beauty.

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Wellmann kitchens are compatible with both European and U.S. appliances, enabling you to choose the best appliances for your needs.


Choices include the complete range of granite, Corian, synthetics and tile.

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